Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kids have a fever: They need more Silly Bands

Kids have a fever: They need more Silly Bands
Published September 9, 2010 in the Commercial Appeal

Have your kids gotten Silly Band fever yet?

You know, those multicolored plastic bracelets that come in shapes from bunnies to iPods. You can't actually tell what the bands are unless the wearer takes them off to show you. Herein lies the fun.

I thought my boys were immune to the craze that spread through their elementary class last year, until we ran across the bands in a store in San Francisco over the summer. Jiro, 6, bought a pack, wore them for a few days, and then moved on to something else. But once school started up again, he was wearing them every day. Satchel, 8, who didn't own any, quickly acquired some through the generosity of friends and soon was as smitten as his brother...(Read more)

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