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8 Memphis Summer Treats: Slushies, Boozy Shakes, Ice Cream, and More

Published June 26, 2017 on the I Love Memphis Blog

Ed. Note: It’s the I Love Memphis Summer Survival Guide Week! First up is this list of cold treats from around town (some boozy, some not) from contributor Stacey Greenberg.

It’s summer, it’s hot out, and it’s time to treat yo’self. We can all thank the Slider Inn’s Jameson slushie for opening our eyes to one of the best ways to cool off in this town. A couple of other bars have followed suit with their own boozy slushie machines, too.

I even have a way for you to make your own. And have no fear, this list also includes caffeinated cool-offs and non-boozy trendy frozen treats, too.

1. “Memphis AF” Slush
Jerry’s Sno Cone + Old Dominick Distillery’s Vodka

You know how necessity is the mother of invention? Well, the “Memphis AF” Slush is a prime example of this. If you don’t feel like drinking in public, you can make your own frozen delight and take it home or to someone’s front porch.

Grab a bottle of Old Dominick’s vodka—I like the Honeybell—and add it to a Jerry’s sno cone. I’ve tried cherry and lemon, but feel certain this works with just about any flavor. I wouldn’t get a supreme though, and don’t forget to ask for a lid and a straw. Let the sno cone melt while you drive to your final destination, then hollow out the middle a bit, and pour in a four-count of vodka. Voila!

2. Front Porch Sippers
The Front Porch

I didn’t have a front porch of my own…until now. The Front Porch pop up at Beale Street Landing has the best view of the river in town, and a sunset that is mighty hard to beat.

Front Porch Sippers come $8 a tumbler or $32 a pitcher and are the perfect accompaniment to the newly installed red rocking chairs all along the patio. They aren’t frozen, but they come in old fashioned metal tumblers and pitchers so they stay super cold.

Choose from a Boss Crump Collins, Hyter’s Lownote Hi-Ball, Manny’s Memphis Mule, and the Proud Mary Sangria. (On Saturday & Sunday there’s also a Peaches & Suitcase Brunch Punch.) Or don’t choose—try them all.

3. Diabla
Catherine & Mary’s

Bar manager and mixologist extraordinaire, Colby Jones, has taken frozen drinks to the next level with his creative use of flavored ice cubes. Fans of the Sweet Melissa from the fall menu should try the Diabla.

It’s a delicate cocktail consisting of vida mezcal, espolon blanco tequila, aperol, falernum, lime, and cilantro-serrano ice. Drink it nice and slow so that the spicy ice melts into the drink and slushifies it.

4. Frosé
Loflin Yard

Downtown’s big backyard bar just updated their cocktail list with lots of summery sensations, including my favorite, the Battle of the Greensward (Bulliet Bourbon, Drambuie, Mathilde Framboise, Laphroaig Whisky, Lemon oil).

In terms of frozen fun, they are catering to the wine drinkers right now. Try the Frozen Strawberry Rhubarb Rose available in the Coach House. There’s also a frozen whiskey lemonade and whiskey coke available.

5. Bushwacker

There is a lot going on over at Railgarten—ice cream parlor, diner, ping pong bar, tiki bar, outdoor music, a volleyball court, etc. Definitely give it all a try, but don’t miss the frozen offerings in the Ping Pong and Tiki bars.

They have rotating offerings including a frozen Moscow Mule, F’rose (a semi sweet lemony rose slushie), a frozen Chattanooga 1816 whiskey & coke, and a bushwacker. The Railgarten’s version of your favorite vacation drink, the bushwacker, is non dairy and made with almond milk, cocoa nub infused vodka, the above mentioned whiskey and French Truck coffee.

The ice cream parlor also has a wide selection of boozy milkshakes that can all be made vegan.

6. Booze Pops to Order

What’s better than a MemPop? An alcoholic MemPop! Now that they have their catering license, MemPops can serve booze pops at special events—anything from the Levitt Shell to your backyard pool party.

Best of all, they are open to suggestion concerning combinations. Past successes include a bourbon maple bacon pop, a Moscow mule pop, a roasted peach and bourbon pop, and a pineapple coconut and rum pop.

They are currently experimenting with Prosecco and a raspberry lemonade pop. The price point is $4-$6 per pop, depending on how involved it is to make. Email or call for a customized menu.

7. Popffogato
City & State

If booze and pops aren’t your thing, then maybe coffee and pops are. Fans of the Italian affogato—espresso served over gelato—are in for a real treat, starting the first week of July at City & State.

The Popffogato is joining the new menu. It’s a paleta from La Michoacana (pistachio or strawberries & cream) with a shot of espresso. The paletas fit neatly into a go cup, so you can remove the lid and have a built in drip catcher.

8. Rolled Ice Cream
Rollin Sweets & The 901 Scoop

I am personally mystified by the current rolled ice cream craze (Ed. Note: Me too, Stacey, me too.) but if you wanna try it out, you have two choices in Memphis—Rollin Sweets downtown and The 901 Scoop by the U of M.

Pick your flavor and watch as they turn it into delicate rolls. The process is a bit time consuming so be prepared to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

Ed. Note: Let me add that there are quite a few classic Memphis places that have frozen slushies or milkshakes – alcohol optional – at A. Schwab on Beale, Wet Willy’s on Beale, and the Arcade Restaurant.

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