Thursday, November 11, 2010

Round and Round

Round and Round: It’s time to eat the donuts.
Published November 11, 2010 in the Memphis Flyer

I keep hearing that donuts are the new cupcake. Maybe that's true in other places where a good donut is a novelty, but in Memphis, there's a wealth of locally owned shops offering great donuts, and it seems to me classic always transcends trendy.

What follows is a survey of donut offerings in the area. It's incomplete, to be sure, and just begging for another go 'round.

Big Bite Donuts (1996 S. Houston Levee #102, 457-7092) in Collierville opened in March and has a lot of moxie. First, they have a teenage girl dressed as a donut alerting potential customers to the treats inside. Second, their hours are "Open every day at 5:30; Closed when out of donuts."

Although Big Bite is in a strip mall, the interior is nice and cozy. Colorful paintings line the walls, a side counter offers seating, and a makeshift omelet station is set up by the door. Donut pricing starts at 89 cents, which is on the high end, but there are several unusual flavors to choose from. When asked what the big seller is, owner Chris Chiozza replied, "They all sell the same." A must-try is the iced red-velvet donut topped with Bavarian cream and drizzled with chocolate glaze...(Read more)

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