Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dream of building a better block is at hand

Dream of building a better block is at hand
Published November 18, 2010 in the Commercial Appeal

My family likes to go on walks, hikes and bike rides. Places like the Greater Memphis Greenline and the riverfront make this pretty easy to do. However, going from place to place can be a challenge.

For instance, we can walk to Overton Park from our house in about 10 minutes. Five of those minutes are spent trying to cross six lanes of very heavy traffic on East Parkway near Sam Cooper. There are no crosswalks, and it can be pretty sketchy. It wasn't until my boys got older (they're 6 and 8) that I even considered crossing the street with them.

Commuting is also dangerous. My kids' school is less than a mile away, but to walk or ride bikes there, we have to cross both East Parkway and Summer. The sidewalks are broken and bumpy, and the heavy traffic makes riding bikes in the street too dangerous, especially during morning rush hour. It's scary enough when I'm with them -- I can't imagine ever allowing them to traverse those streets without me...(Read more)

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